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In 2008, Corposan, s.r.o introduced innovative system of warehousing, production technology, and packaging of food supplements – HACCP Quality and System Manual. This naturally involves regular monitoring – verification of the process effectiveness and keeping records. Besides, Corposan, Ltd. has introduced the system of identification of both supplied raw materials and final products.

In 2009 the company Corposan, Ltd. underwent an audit of the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection by the Inspectorate in Hradec Králové. See below the extracts from the inspection body’s final report:

The HACCP Quality and System Manual has been compiled with the high standard. HACCP warehousing, production technology and packaging of food supplements, monitoring system, high standard of personal hygiene and sanitary arrangements, monitoring system of pest occurrence within the premises, system of waste handling, etc.“


Mechanical properties

Mass uniformity: PB 2009

Capsule and tablet disintegration PB 2009

Solubility of loose materials PB 2009

Abrasion and brittleness of tablets PB 2009

Tablet hardness PB 2009

Mechanical properties are tested in the laboratory of Corposan, Ltd.

Microbiological safety

Koliformní bakterie, SOP OV 901
Escherichia coli, SOP OV 902
Celkový počet mikroorganismů, SOP OV 917
Kvasinky, SOP OV 918
Plísně, SOP OV 918
Salmonella, SOP OV 920

Heavy metal presence

Cadmium: SOP OV 200.01

Lead: SOP OV 200.01

Mercury: SOP OV 200.03

The above mentioned tests are carried out by an accredited laboratory of the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH)


Zbyněk Milner

Pavel Vácha


Corposan, Ltd. specializes in contract manufacturing of food supplements. The aim of the company is a satisfied client, since its credo is „A product of good quality presents a satisfied customer“. The policy, of course, reflects the clients’ needs with the target of meeting their requirements and wishes. Management’s flexibility and creativity guarantees prompt responding to the client’s needs, and thus synergisticly providing a wide selection of products ranging from various compositions to various final products.


Corposan, Ltd. was established in 2005 through the transformation from an individual custom manufacturing of tablets, which started in 1996. The company has been booming since 2006 due to both introduction of new technologies into production and the management’s maximum effort of keeping up with the latest development in the field.